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The Chromatics' mission is to spread science through a cappella and a cappella through science across a wide swath of the known Universe.

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AstroCappella is a marriage of astronomy and music, developed by astronomers and educators and professionally recorded by the rocking a cappella group The Chromatics. Visit our main AstroCappella website.

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IYA 2009 song: Shoulders of Giants

The Chromatics and the Johannes Kepler Project are pleased to announce the release of the AstroCappella song "Shoulders of Giants". This song was commissioned by the Johannes Kepler Project, written and arranged by Padi Boyd, and performed by The Chromatics, specifically for the International Year of Astronomy 2009. "Shoulders of Giants", which celebrates Galileo's first glimpse of the heavens through his telescope -- and the astonishing pace of discovery ushered in by his observations -- will be used as part of the Johannes Kepler Project's 2009 Astronomy Music Video Contest.

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Lively, entertaining, and educational.
      Astronomy Today

An astronomy class set to music.
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Ear-catching music with an educational twist.
      The Baltimore Sun

The Chromatics are perhaps the smartest a cappella singing group ever.
      Carroll County Times


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