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We've been commissioned to write songs for several NASA missions. We're proud of our 100% mission-success rate! All band members participate in song-writing activities and the group includes two PhD astrophysicists and a former space weather forecaster. In addition to the strictly AstroCappella songs, we write and perform a variety of songs appropriate for tech-savvy audiences covering topics like the science of love, the addiction of the Internet, and the passage of long and short time-scales.

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Educational & Entertaining Astronomy Songs

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Song TitleTopicAvailability
Shoulders of Giants Written for IYA! How far we've come since Galileo's telescope Just released!
Beginning To See Commission in progress! A person's first telescope experience Coming soon!
Noctilucent Cloud Commissioned by NASA's AIM mission! Night-shining clouds in the mesosphere Online
Nine Planets The Whole Solar System On CD
Sun Song Our star, the Sun - morphology and history Online & on CD
Habitable Zone Comparative planetology: Venus, Earth, and Mars On CD
Lunar Love We've got a thing for the Moon! On CD
HST-Bop The Hubble Space Telescope - discoveries On CD
Come and Visit Mars Visitor's Guide to Mars On CD
A Little Bit of Rock All about Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets On CD
Dance of the Planets Planets around other Stars On CD and now online!
Doppler Shifting What is the Doppler Shift and how do astronomers use it? Online & on CD
Wolf 359 Take a rocket to the nearest stars Online & on CD
Cosmic Radio Show Radio astronomy - history and discoveries Online & on CD
High Energy Groove X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy, including black holes! Online & on CD
Swift Song Commissioned by NASA's Swift mission! Gamma-ray-Bursts and the Swift satellite Online & on CD
Messenger to Mercury Written for NASA/APL MESSENGER mission! Mercury and the mission Currently unrecorded