A Musical Exploration of the Universe

AstroCappella Science Background Information

Unlinked background materials are available on the AstroCappella 2.0 CD.

Nine Planets
The Whole Solar System

Sun Song
Formation and Morphology

Habitable Zone
Venus, Earth, and Mars: Comparative Planetology

Lunar Love
Phases, Origin, and Exploration of the Moon

Historical Overview of Telescopes and Discoveries by HST

Come and Visit Mars
Observations, Explorations, and Visitations

A Little Bit of Rock
Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets and How They're Related

Dance of the Planets
How Other Planetary Systems were Discovered and Comparisons to the Solar System

Doppler Shifting
The Doppler Shift on Earth and in Astronomy

Wolf 359
Magnitudes, the H-R Diagram, and Info about the Nearest Stars

Cosmic Radio Show
Radio Astronomy

High Energy Groove
The Types of Objects that Emit X rays and Gamma rays

Swift Song
What are Gamma-Ray Bursts and how will Swift Study Them?

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