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About our songs

We've been commissioned to write songs for several NASA missions. We're proud of our 100% mission-success rate! All band members participate in song-writing activities and the group includes two PhD astrophysicists, two engineers, a teacher, and a former space weather forecaster. In addition to the strictly AstroCappella songs, we write and perform a variety of songs appropriate for tech-savvy audiences covering topics like the science of love, the addiction of the Internet, and the passage of long and short time-scales.

All the songs!

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Song TitleTopicAvailability
Nine Planets The Whole Solar System CD/iTunes
Sun Song Our star, the Sun - morphology and history Web/CD/iTunes
Habitable Zone Comparative planetology: Venus, Earth, and Mars CD/iTunes
Lunar Love We've got a thing for the Moon! CD/iTunes
HST-Bop The Hubble Space Telescope - discoveries CD only
Come and Visit Mars Visitor's Guide to Mars CD/iTunes
A Little Bit of Rock All about Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets CD/iTunes
Dance of the Planets Planets around other Stars Web/CD/iTunes
Doppler Shifting What is the Doppler Shift and how do astronomers use it? Web/CD/iTunes
Wolf 359 Take a rocket to the nearest stars Web/CD/iTunes
Cosmic Radio Show Radio astronomy - history and discoveries Web/CD/iTunes
High Energy Groove X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy, including black holes! Web/CD/iTunes
Swift Song Commissioned by NASA's Swift mission! Gamma-ray-Bursts and the Swift satellite Web/CD/iTunes
Shoulders of Giants Written for IYA! How far we've come since Galileo's telescope Web
Noctilucent Cloud Commissioned by NASA's AIM mission! Night-shining clouds in the mesosphere Web
Beginning To See A person's first telescope experience Available on Fragments CD by The Chromatics
Messenger to Mercury Written for NASA/APL MESSENGER mission! Mercury and the mission Currently unrecorded
JWST All about NASA's next great telescope Currently unrecorded

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