AstroCappella: Dance of the Planets

Music and Lyrics by Padi Boyd

When I was a child I tuned in to a beautiful fantasy
Humans just part of a peaceful Galactic community
I'd look up to the sky at night
And I'd ask myself could it be right
Are there planets like ours around faraway stars
Or are we all alone on our planet Earth home?

Are we whirling around imperceptibly
Caught up in the dances of gravity
A random Galactic anomaly
Nine planets around the Sun

Spinning and swirling, twirling and whirling
Around the Sun

Time marches on and astronomers hone their technology
Point their scopes to the sky with an eye to unravelling the mystery
And like the faintest of calls in the night
Lies a signal within a star's light
Like a beacon of hope in your burnt umber sky
The rising of 51 Pegasi

Dancing almost imperceptibly
Backward and forward from gravity
A companion of closest proximity
A planet around a star

At the edge of the Galaxy, clusters of stars
Their members a billion years older than ours
Hold wobbles of planets around their pulsars

They've had eons more time than we
Is it possible, could it be?
Am I watching you, watching me?

And at the dawn of the twenty-first century
The dream has become a reality
We're not quite as alone as we used to be
There are planets around the stars
Planets around the stars

Spinning and swirling, twirling and whirling
Around the stars
Backward and forward, they're coming and going
Around the stars
Daytime and nighttime, summer and winter
Around the stars
We've finally found them, there's planets around them 
Around the stars