What Educators Are Saying About AstroCappella

    "I am truly impressed with the wonderful product this is. ... It's so beautiful and wonderful, it almost brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your magnificent work!"
    - Lynda Jones, President, Science Songwriters Association

    Comments made by teachers who use AstroCappella in their curricula:

      "A wonderful way to communicate complex science concepts and vocabulary."
      "The students love it and I don't have to stand on my head to keep their attention."
    - Joan Sanders, Aerospace Education Specialist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

    "The music of AstroCappella serves as a great hook to gain the attention of students and, perhaps, even to invade their minds with choruses of science. The activities included can then follow up on the concepts imbedded in the songs. At a recent workshop in Palm Springs, CA, one teacher came up to me to say that she had been teaching the electromagnetic spectrum to her class. Their response was 'less than enthusiastic'. This teacher had heard the Chromatics perform some of the AstroCappella songs several years ago and thought the music might help engage her students. She played "Cosmic Radio Show" for the class and had them try the activity to create a radio antenna out of an umbrella. She was thrilled at the response of the students and reported that for days afterward she heard 'Hey, ho, did you know there's a Universe in the radio?' coming out of her students."

    - Laura Whitlock, Director, Education and Public Outreach, Sonoma State University,
    and StarChild Project Lead

    I wanted to let you know how much my kids have been hooked on your wonderful sound these past two days...the 10 year old, Adam, has memorized four of the songs already!

    - Andrew Hunter, Resources Team Leader, Earth Sciences, NASA Headquarters

    I can not thank you enough for your creative, scientific and humorous approach to astronomy. I am a new 7th grade science teacher. I used your "Sun" song today and will use "Doppler Shifting" tomorrow. The kids LOVED it and remembered so much just from your song. You are doing a lot of good for the future science community by helping us teachers to make science fun! Keep up the good work.

    Susan Cone, Pine Ridge Middle School, Naples FL

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