A Musical Exploration of the Universe

AstroCappella Activities and Lesson Plans

Unlinked background materials are available on the AstroCappella 2.0 CD.

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Nine Planets Build a Scale Model of the Solar System
These items are available on the AstroCappella 2.0 CD.
Sun Song What's it like inside the Sun?
Convection in a bowl of miso soup
Habitable Zone What's it like on Venus and Mars?
"Lead" fondue and ice cream "polar caps"
Lunar Love Arms Around the Moon
Learn about the phases of the Moon
HST-Bop How many stars in the Milky Way?
Statistical sampling methods
Come and Visit Mars Remote Sensing
Learn how scientists use 0s and 1s to create an image
A Little Bit of Rock Build a comet
Create a comet from easily-obtained ingredients!
Dance of the Planets Go Take an Orbit
Map out another solar system
Meet the Neighbors - Planets Around Nearby Stars
Determine the radius and orbit of a planet around a star
Doppler Shifting Here it Comes, There it Goes
Build a "Doppler Ball"
Wolf 359 Land Safely
Build a package to deliver a raw egg to the ground
Cosmic Radio Show Communications Lab
Build a parabolic dish receiver
High Energy Groove The Universe in a Different Light
Card game
Swift Song How Far, How Powerful?
Measure the distance to a Gamma-ray burst

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